a contemporary British Artist .........

on a day in June 2008 Anne Russell realized that her palette was more interesting and beautiful than the painting she was working on . At last she felt she was on her way towards abstraction ... She had been waiting ....She felt closer to home, closer to her own nature than ever and closer to the edge between nature and culture than ever before .
In 2011 was the year she began to explore the nature of visual language ,its boundary and its potential to fulfil the natural human desire to communicate universally .
After work inspired by St.Ives, where she goes as a pilgrim ,annually , she connected with the idea of circus .
There, in 2011 she was enthralled by a man balancing smallish rocks on their sharp points on top of large boulders . The elements of culture (entertainment) and nature ,coinciding ,struck her as "marvelous and honest". This integrity between nature and culture was what she had been seeking through the 25 years of her practice .
The project for 2012 to create a work for that was joyous ,engaging & to enhance a therapeutic or healing environment, consisted of a large scale poly-chromatic graphic abstraction and 25 small paintings .This work was exhibited as" Circus & Sideshow" for a month at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital London and is available on loan to appropriate venues.
Her work since then has synthesized a love of colour line and form with the wildness of her nature ,love of the wilderness ,flora and fauna . Inspired by textiles and design of all forms she is surrounded by in cosmopolitan contemporary London , she paints intuitively and figuratively with verve .