1986-1996 ARCHIVE

extracts from the catalogue of my work as a visual artist since 1986
My project since graduating from art College in 1986 WHEREI MADE LIVE ART AND INSTALLATIONS Untill 2006 when I made an exhibition of Pastoral landscapes on Dartmoor National Park where I had a studio.
I had learned the principles and value of process over product at artcollege. I understood and was in agreement politically psychologically spiritually and philisophically.
Politically I was and remain anticapitalist and against wonton consumerism,;psychologically ,I wanted to have access to who I was without my ego dictating; spiritually , the element of inspiration ,the connection with the divine and mysterious was my and Philisophically , I could search amongst authentic experience for the meanining .
Over all I could, by working this way and via this process of following my ,heart ,discover what it was that I authentically had to say to an audience. It was a journey starting and ending deep in my heart that has led me here.Filled with joy and wonder.